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Most items are for “pre-order” except for those labeled ‘on hand’. However, most of our items can be shipped the next day or as soon as payment has been confirmed.

Pre-order:  We don’t have the items on hand. While most products can be shipped the next day, some products come from other suppliers who have their own schedule of cut-off of payment and shipment days every week so rush orders may not be attended. If you want to save on shipping, choose items from one supplier at a time. To know the supplier is to check the “Code” or the 2-3 letters on the description of every item.


1. Send us a message through the Contact Us page or to Alternatively, you can send us a message on our Facebook page: JET Online Shop Ph. Click Like on the page for more updates.
2. Send us the picture or URL link so we can check the item’s availability.
3. Once confirmed, send the following information:
– Name, Address & Phone no.
– Item/s description, photos and quantity (Provide 2nd & 3rd option just in case your preferred item, color or variant is not available.)
4. We will send you total amount with shipping fee.
5. Send payment through Palawan or GCash 09172424259. Send us a copy of the receipt.
6. Wait for the updates of the delivery of your item/s.

1. It is strictly PAYMENT FIRST POLICY.

2. No Return No Exchange because as soon as we place our orders with the supplier, we cannot return or exchange the items once they have purchased them. So please ensure you have enough information before you decide to purchase. You can ask for replacement only when you have informed us and we have confirmed before the supplier has taken the stocks from the warehouse.

However, some items such as cellphones or other electronics may be returned if defective as long as notice is given in 5 days or less.

3. Mode of payment: Western Union, Cebuana, Xoom, ML Kwarta Padala, Palawan Express or GCash 09172424259. We only accept Paypal payments if ‘sent to friends’.

Thank you…

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