Post-Mothers’ Day Sale (May 15-17, 2017)


  1. All items are on SALE with different discount rates.
  2. Items will only be reserved once they are paid.
  3. Processing of orders start after the sale period which is on May 18, Thursday.
  4. On hand items will be shipped right away while the pre-order items will be available next week.
  5. To contact me for inquiries or orders, send images of the items to
    http://www/ via the Send Message button.
  6. We require Payment First Policy on all transactions.
  7. All items on our page, FB: JET Online Shop Ph are on sale with different discount rates unless the items are not anymore available.
  8. Go back to the homepage or click the links below to go to each page:

Assorted Items on Hand:

Imported (preloved but great quality) Dresses and Blazers

Sweatshirts, Jogging Pants, Shoes on Sale  (Brand New)

Assorted items on hand (ladies’ wear, juice extractor, bumebime, etc.)


Ladies’ Wear:

May 2 – Fashionable Dresses (includes couple clothes)

May 1 – Assorted Ladies’ Wear

Apr 23 – New Arrivals Ladies’ Wear

Assorted Wranco Jeans

Bags, Wallets, Clutches, etc.:

Beachkins Glossy Bags

Japanese Inspired Bags

Bags, Wallets (Korean Inspired)

Party Accessories:

Assorted Candy Boxes

Skin Care and Cosmetics:

Assorted Pressed Powder

Assorted Ladies’ Wear, etc. in this site, less P50 per item:

All available items in our FB:
JET Online Shop Ph

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