Beachkins Bags on Sale (Less 15%)

Get these export quality Beachkins bags while they are still on sale at
P1,500.00 P1,275.00

Exclusive of shipping… Check product details below…



Product Details


Material: PVC (waterproof) with gold hardware

Inclusion (RETAIL):
-Sling Strap
-Customized ‘B’ Padlock
-Plain white Dust Bag
-2pcs(1 pair) Twilly Scarf random design
-Fur Charm

Metro Manila: (via METROWIDE COURIER)
1 pc : 130 pesos
2-3 pcs: 250 pesos
4 pcs : 300 pesos
5 pcs : 400 pesos
6 pcs: 450 pesos

Province: (via JRS COURIER Regular Cargo)
1 pcs : 200 pesos
2-3pcs: 300 pesos
4 pcs : 400 pesos
5 pcs : 500 pesos
6 pcs: 550 pesos


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