On Hand Dresses/Blazers (Less 20%)

These dresses are first class preloved items from Korea. I can vouch for the durability of their materials and in how they were made or tailored. You will never regret having them because they demonstrate the real meaning of “wise spending” — high quality, affordability, great designs… Check them here!

CW-0026 – Egyptian Printed Dress P160.00 P128.00
Geo/Egyptian inspired design, it looks good as new and will hardly ever look old. The design is very attractive and it’s not just any other printed design that fades… this thing lasts! Thick material, embedded design … at an affordable price.


CW-0027 – Red Lacey Dress P99.00 P79.20
It is made up of lace for its top, a sexy opening on the waistline, and a very thick pleated skirt… this is worth your money!


CW-0032 – Printed Black & Red Dress P99.00 P79.20
It is a free size, cool and thin for those who want light material dresses but just like the rest, it doesn’t seem to look old at all…


CW-0029 – J & S Black Dress P150.00 P120.00
I find this item one of the best in this batch.  I just love its gold ribbons, they look like real ones lol. Thick material with lining and durability in its manufacturing with great design.


CW-0033 – RMK Black Dress P99.00 P79.20
It has the curves. There is really no need for a belt. Very suitable for small body frame.


CW-0034 – Denim Jumpskirt P130.00 P104.00
One of my favorites, very thick denim material and will fit small to medium body frames.


CW-0025 – Saville Peach Blazer P99.00 P79.20
This blazer lives up to its name. It is wonderfully thick and high-quality. It is also very nicely tailored.


CW-0031 – Coldwater Purple Blazer P99.00 P79.20
Pardon the lighting but its color is actually purple, not blue. Made of nice material and tailoring, this blazer can really warm you up during cold days or nights.


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